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The Sandburg Center for the Sciences

Sandburg Center for the Sciences is a unique program emphasizing hands-on, minds-on exploration of science content and processes to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills for preschool through 5th grade students. The Sandburg staff believes that:


  • during these early years of learning, children’s natural curiosity combined with inquiry-based experiences can motivate a passion for science,

  • it is our role as educators to keep these passions alive by directly teaching 21st Century skills — information literacy, collaboration, critical thinking, self-direction, and invention — modeling inquiry and collaborative processes, and helping our learners see themselves as influential citizens in their world, and

  • giving students the opportunity to engage their world as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians through real-world and technology embedded applications that build the foundational skills and processes needed for higher levels of complexity, life-long learning and readiness for the workforce.

In 2005, Littleton Public Schools awarded Carl Sandburg Elementary a large grant to fulfill our vision for the Sandburg Center for the Sciences. This initial funding allowed us to hire a Director of Science and Technology to co-plan, prepare, and co-teach science with each classroom teacher; repurpose common areas in our building for science exploration; purchase supportive technology for staff and students; extend our learning to natural areas such as the nearby creek/pond/field; and partner with local engineers/scientists and other science educators for more authentic learning.

Since 2005, Sandburg Center for the Sciences has shared these resources with elementary schools in the district, providing on-site Starlab presentations, guest teaching for dissections, co-planning for Science Fairs, and supporting robotics programs.  Sandburg Center for the Sciences continues to be enthusiastically supported by the Sandburg community--staff, parents, and businesses--both in spirit and in additional staffing/fundraising dollars.

The sciences offer rich opportunities to our world from multiple perspectives, as a connector of disciplines, and solutions to complex issues.  Sandburg Center for the Sciences is an investment in our future and a commitment to the success of each student we touch to lead in bold ways in an uncertain world.

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